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DOG WASHER 5/pack For El Pinion Rebuild

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GI parts print calls this a "RETAINER, DOG #7312727". It's the washer that holds the knob and guts onto the pinion. It starts out cone shaped, and with a special tool is pressed flat in the elevation knob. Quite honestly, saying these are tricky to use is a gross understatement. Awhile back Jim Swartz did an article in the GCA magazine about assembling the pinion. We don't have any copies but it might be worthwhile to find one and know what your getting yourself into. These are very hard to find. All that being said,,,,we offer the tooling set in our "Tools And Gauges" section if you feel adventurous. These come 5 dog washers in a pack...enter 1 in the cart and you get 5 washers. We can only accept and ship orders to an address in the United States.
Price: $9.90
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DOG WASHER  5/pack  For El Pinion Rebuild
DOG WASHER 5/pack For El Pinion Rebuild
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