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4 PIECE KITS 10 FOR $100.

Our Products: BM59 PARTS
SKU: 585522
****NOTE--IF YOU ARE RESTRICTED FROM PURCHASING OR POSSESSING THESE PARTS PLEASE DON'T WASTE TIME ORDERING THEM. WASHINGTON STATE IS A NO-GO FOR SURE AND THERE ARE MOST PROBABLY OTHERS THAT WE CAN'T SHIP TO--ONLY YOU KNOW THE RULES IN YOUR LOCALITY***************** This is for 10--4 piece BM59 selector kits. You get 10 sets of 4 parts for $100. plus ship. These are used parts most of the transfer bars will have the spring bent and parts will have finish wear but they are just as removed from service rifles. The pics are representative of what we are shipping. This should be a great deal for making dummy kits to fill the stock cuts on BM59 stocks. We can only accept and ship to an address in the United State and where these parts are not restricted. CLICK ON PIC FOR A BETTER LOOK
Price: $100.00
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4 PIECE KITS  10 FOR $100.
4 PIECE KITS 10 FOR $100.
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